My Background

My passion began about three years ago when I wanted a visual way to express how I saw the world. I started with portrait photography on my college campus to highlight the diversity and beauty in everyone. Since, i've done almost every form of photography and I'm still as passionate as the first day. Currently, my focus is high fashion photography and styling. 


Photography an art

Photography has the power to evoke emotion without saying anything. I'm passionate about working with other artists to make a unique cohesive vision. I style all of my photoshoots but I know the importance of collaborating with makeup and hair artists. 

Through photography I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to express my personality. I tell models I work with "the weirder the better" which brings all different variations on a similar concept. 


Sharing Stories

Through photography I’ve been able to meet people from all walks of life. Hearing their unique stories helps me create a mood board specific to that person but also still going forward with my vision as an artist. I’ve been able to connect with people I wouldn’t have otherwise crossed paths with and that’s one thing I love about my work. 

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